My Journey In Quilling

My journey in Quilling started approximately five years ago. I was interested in making my own cards so I purchased a book on paper crafts. The book included sewing on paper, parchment, paper piercing and quilling. The quilling really intriqued me and I decided to give it a try. I started by cutting some cardstock into thin strips and rolling with a toothpick. Upon reviewing the results I was quite pleased with myself. I cut more strips, investigated "quilling" supplies on the web and I was off and running. Shortly after we had a garage sale and I put a few of the gift card/place cards I had made on the table. A lady from a nearby town asked me if I ever showed my work. I said no and she told me I should; that my work was beautiful. What an endorsement - I was floored. Next step I followed up that year in the local newspaper as to "craft" happenings and toured several shows leaving my contact information at each one. So now five years later, my technique is far better, shows are successful and I've started to receive "commission work". You just never know how many doors a passion for your craft can open!


July 8, 2010

Well we've downsized and are now settled in our new home. Most of the "heavy lifting" is completed; just waiting for landscaping to be completed and vanish the brown earth. There is still building to be done on our street, but at least both sides of us are built. NOW I need to get inspired again and start quilling. I will need to finish adding to inventory for the fall show season. Hopefully it will cool down a bit soon and I'll feel more motivated. Even with the a/c this heat is hard to handle. Watch for more postings shortly.